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posted on 20/8/2020

 This SOPs  is a step by step procedure of what is expected of the staff, management, learners and parents of Lagooz School. It is also aimed at ensuring that activities in the school are carried out in line with the school's expected standards.


1.        The school is to provide  infrared  thermometers and  Sanitizer at the entrance of the school

2.        Provide soap & water for regular washing of hands at all times.

3)        Overhaul the Coker recovery room by providing standing fan, bed cover, for the nurse and all basic first aid drugs

4)        Create Covid-19 awareness on the wall and environs.

5)        Mark out the 2-feet  physical distancing on the ground floor hall and other strategic places

6)        Set up hygiene, Social Protection and Covid-19 Committee to oversee regular adherence to all the resumption guidelines.

7)        Conduct training sessions on symptoms,  medical protocol and safety measures for parents ,staff, leaders

8.        Maintain regular contact and collaboration with health authorities on school safety, health, and hygiene.

9.        Conduct online training that not only prepares teachers to teach in a way that safeguards the health, safety, and security of the learners but also enables the use of ICT.

10.      Disinfect and fumigate the school before resumption of leaders.

11.      Ensure good cross-ventilation in classrooms and other enclosed areas.

12.      Provide temporary isolation center.



1.        Provide relevant gadgets and data for their children/wards for VLCs as online lessons still continue.

2.        Ensure their children/wards practise safety and hygiene while at home.

3.        Ensure their children/wards wear nose masks when coming to school.

4.        Wear nose masks at all times when dropping off or picking up their children.

5.        Wash or sanitize their hands when picking up their children or entering the school premises.

6.        Submit to temperature checks at the entrance when entering the school premise

7.        Ensure their children/wards are cleared for entrance before departing after dropping them off.

8.        Maintain physical distancing at the entrance and in the school premises.

9.        Seek medical care for their children/wards if they fall sick and let them stay safe at home.

10.      Provide adequate learning materials and stationery for their children/wards to avoid borrowing.

11.      Provide food, water, snacks drinks for their children/wards from home to avoid indiscriminate buying of such.

12.      Ensure they drop off and pick up their children/wards punctually.

13.      Print or by any other means indicate the name of their children/wards on their nose masks to avoid mix ups.

14.      Maintain physical distancing of about two metres and avoid physical contact in the school premises.

15.      All fees should be paid by parents before sending their children to school.  This is to avoid indiscriminate movement in and out of school.

16.      Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to.



1.    Leaders must regularly wear comfortable face mask in school and public places.

2.       They are to  wash their hands on arrival at the school, regularly at other times and maintain personal hygiene always.

3.       No form of socializing (hugging, patting, etc) is allowed. School premises is strictly for academics.

4.       Keep safe distance of 2meters  away from the next leader

5)      Leaders are not allowed to buy or share any form of edibles within or around the school.

6)      Leaders must come to school with all their learning materials , drinks & food. Sharing of any sort is not allowed.

7)      No hanging around the balcony at all. Leaders must always remain in their classrooms.

8)      Online learning continues  but desist from unsavoury online activities. Report any form of online threat to your parents or school authorities.

9)      Avoid touching your face  and any hard surfaces like desk, railings, etc.

10)    It is advisable to cut all sachet drinks or food with scissors not teeth.

11)    Leaders should note that those who have not paid fees will not be allowed to resume, this is to  reduce your exposure  indiscriminately and  movement in and out of school. 


Managers should:

1.      Implement and monitor staggered attendance. i.e. different arrival and departure times for learners, to avoid overcrowding.

2.      Implement and monitor alternate attendance per week. e.g. secondary classes holding in school only Tuesdays and Thursdays while primary classes hold Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

3.      Implement and monitor platooning. i.e. classes may be divided into morning and afternoon shifts.

4.      Implement and monitor decreased interaction among learners.

5.      Implement and monitor flexible schedule of lessons to reduce the need for learners and staff to move around the premises too often.

6.      Constitute a school monitoring team to ensure compliance.

7.      Organise training sessions for staff members and leaders on safety and hygiene measures.

8.      Encourage and ensure compliance with safety measures such as wiping shoes on foot mats, proper screening at school entrances with non-contact thermometers, washing of hands on arrival, use of face masks at all times and general personal hygiene guidelines.

9.      Carry out routine sanitary inspection of premises.

10.    Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.


The non–academic staff comprise the:

1)        Sanitation managers;

2)        Security personnel;

3)        Medical personnel;

4)        Drivers;

5)        Front desk officers;

6)        CBT centre personnel/others.




Personnel in this department should:

 i) Wear nose masks at all times.

ii) Place WASH facilities close to classrooms.

iii) Monitor leaders’ use of the toilets for health and sanitary purposes.

iv) Disinfect and sanitize school facilities regularly.

v) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.





Personnel in this department should:

i) Check the temperature of anyone entering the school premises.

 ii) Ensure anyone entering the school premises wears a face mask.

iii) Ensure anyone entering the school premises washes/sanitizes their hands.

iv) Ensure that anyone who goes out washes/sanitizes their hands when they return.

v) Ensure physical distancing is maintained right from the gate.

 vi) Ensure leaders go home separately immediately after closing (not in group).

vii) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.








 i) Should ensure all safety and hygiene guidelines are implemented

 ii) Should ensure the school clinic is sanitized, safe and adequately functional.

iii) Should ensure the temporary isolation centre is set up, safe and adequately functional.

iv) Should ensure the clinic and temporary isolation centre are sufficiently provided with resources for effective operations. v) The school nurse should resume earlier than the learners and other staff.

vi) The school nurse should be available or within reach at all times and ensure her cell phone is constantly on.

vii) Ensure all first aid materials are available as well as in sufficient quantity.

viii) Maintain contact with health authorities on health, safety and hygiene.

ix) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.


4)        DRIVERS:

All drivers should:

i) Wear nose masks at all times.

ii) Sanitize their buses and always ensure they are in a hygienic condition.

iii) Implement physical distancing on the school buses. (i.e. not operating at full capacity)

iv) Wash their hands regularly before and after driving. v). Desist from picking up any leader not wearing their nose mask.

vi) Wash their hands when entering and when returning to the school premises.

vii) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.




They should

 i) Wear nose mask at all times.

ii) Sanitize their table surfaces at all times.

 iii) Ensure the reception area is always in a clean and hygienic condition.

iv) Ensure visitors wear nose masks while being attended to. v) Implement physical distancing in the reception area.

vi) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.





They should:

i) Wear nose mask at all times.

ii) Ensure all visitors to the CBT centre wear nose masks.

 iii) Observe and promote regular hand washing.

iv) Sanitize the CBT centre and all surfaces at all times.

 iv) Implement physical distancing at the CBT centre.

v) Be able to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.


1)        Teachers are Role Models; so they must observe all the safety measures considering the fact that Children learn faster from what they see than what they hear.

2)        Rile Models should wear  face mask at all times, washing of hands regularly, check their temperature before entering the school premises and adhere to 2 meters  physical distancing  both with leaders and colleagues.

3)        Ensure that no leader stays back in school for any form of after-school lesson

4.        Monitor leaders to leave for their homes immediately after school

5)        Teachers on duty will be at the gate to check orderly arrival and departure of leaders.

6)        All special rooms (library & Laboratories) will NOT  be used by any Role Model except during Practicals. This is to allow teachers watch the leaders more closely. 

7)        Leaders will not be sent on errands to collect items like books from other leaders.  If possible,  multiple choice exercises  given should be marked by the leaders to reduce physical contact between leaders and Role Models. Teachers can mark essay questions only after properly washing or sanitizing their hands.

8)        Role Models must not hang around the balcony. They should stay in their  classrooms to monitor the Leaders.

9)        Role Models should note that leaders who have not paid fees will not be allowed to resume, this is to curtail indiscriminate movement in and out of school.

10)      Role Models should be able to identify symptoms of COVID 19 and use the recommended protocol to inform relevant authorities.