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Lagooz Montessori

The birth of Lagooz Montessori took place on Monday, 15th September, 2008, after a period of conception by the great educationist Otunba Abayomi Otubela. The vision was born from his understanding of what a "complete" or "total" education should be for a child, which includes:

  1. Each child learning at his or her pace.
  2. Proper identification or recognition which helps in reading and writing instead of role learning.
  3. Learning by doing which is what Montessori is all about etc.

Lagooz Montessori was conceived after a careful consideration of the diverse cultural, religious and moral backgrounds of the intending pupils. Putting all these into consideration therefore, the school was established to give her pupils a package of what "sound" or "quality" education should be through character moulding. Research has been carried out and our findings show that there are many anomalies in the type of education being dished out to children and this is what Lagooz Montessori stands out to correct.