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About Us

Lagooz Schools


Valuing all students, we believe in the active promotion of equal opportunities for all and work towards achieving the following goals:

  1. To provide the knowledge and skills our students need in order to:
    • develop as well-balanced people
    • make full positive contributions to our society
    • succeed in an increasingly technological and international environment
  2. To develop in our students positive values and attitudes:
    • Fairness and justice
    • Tolerance
    • Respect for others
    • Honesty
    • Co-operation
    • Loyalty
    • Enjoyment of, and commitment to learning
    • Independence
    • Personal responsibility
    • Courtesy and consideration
    • Self-confidence
    • Flexibility
  3. To encourage and help students to achieve their best.


Our mission statement lies at the heart of all our school activities. On this foundation, we can build enriched school experiences which assist our children to take full advantage of all their talents.


  1. To create a successful school as part of a vibrant education community.
  2. To be an academic institution which is challenging, stimulating and exciting for students and staff alike.
  3. To be a school where examination results reflect the full potential of each student, where extra-curricular activities flourish and self esteem is promoted at every opportunity.
  4. To be a school which demands good attendance, punctuality and takes pride in its dress, manners, relations and behavior.


"Per ardua ad astra" is a Latin phrase which means "through difficulty to the stars"


» Proprietor   Eng. Otubela Abayomi
» Principal   Mrs. Otubela Ebunoluwa O.

Management Staff

» V.P. Academics   Mr. Nwaobianyi Goddy
» V.P. Administration   Mrs. Anyanta Modupe
» Headteacher   Mrs. Adeoti Ibiyemi
» H.O.D. Science Department   Mr. Obaru Tunde
» H.O.D. Social Science Department   Mrs. Mbalu Tina
» H.O.D. Art Department   Mr. Lawal Isimia
» I.T. Manager   Mr. Wakan John

Mr. F.A Otubela, Proprietor

Proprietor The genesis of Lagooz is without doubt, the divine favour of Almighty God. Many Schools evolved through thick and thin but in the case of Lagooz College, it was just an issue of divine providence. This is not to say that it was hundred percent rosy. What I mean here is that its history is not troubled THANKS to God.

Lagooz College was an outstanding proposal that I conceived over a period spanning five years. I committed the planning and actualization to God the author and finisher of all things. Then, I deemed it necessary to start from somewhere. This desire to start something gave rise to the birth of LAGOS ACADEMY an exta mural centre for SSCE, NECO, UME and POLYJAMB candidate. The more I continued with the tutorials, the greater the desire to start a college. It was a struggle between my conscience and me. When I could no longer resist it, I gave in and this metamorphosed into LAGOOZ COLLEGE, the great brain builder. The name LAGOOZ is unique. I decided to borrow part of it from the word ‘Lagos” to represent the location. Today, I am glad to say that the college of my dream has really taken off in a grand style. The strides are result-oriented and the future plans are colossal and excellent.

I am proud of the management team, staff and students. I also appreciate the able parents and guardians who have always answered us.

Mrs. E.O Otubela, Principal

Principal We started small but never remained small. Just like the little drop of water that makes an ocean, LAGOOZ COLLEGE started with its dream of operating a co-educational institution. This dream was borne out of passion to create a vibrant educational community which is quite challenging and stimulating. Again, it is to serve as a place where a student’s result reflects his or her full academic potentials. This dream became a reality on the 19th September 2005, with a population of 44 students on the first day of resumption. This population rose geometrically due to hard work, dedication and commitment on the part of the management, and especially due to the crop of teachers that God blessed the college with. Even when the salary was so meager, each of them worked relentlessly to take Lagooz to this enviable height.

Though the school is young, yet it has been able to compete favourably with majority of high standard schools in Lagos State. Lagooz students visited AIT Alagbado during the celebration of the Children’s Day on 27th of May 2006. The students were rated the best amongst the 24 other schools that participated in 2007. Girls’ Senior High School organized a Quiz Competition for schools in Lagos State in which LAGOOZ COLLEGE came 2nd. Abibatu Mojgaji Millennium School also held a debate competition on the 1st of March, 2007. Lagooz Students took the 1st position. LAGOOZ COLLEGE also graced the Cultural Day organized by Folbim High School, on the 24th of July 2007. Lagooz Students took the day by their mesmerizing performance. In fact, LAGOOZ COLLEGE has become a household name as a result of their outstanding performances.


  1. AIT: Best Student in Newscasting, 27th, May, 2006.
  2. Girls' Senior High School: Quiz Competition, 2nd Position, 24th, January, 2006
  3. Government College: Quiz Competition, 3rd Position, February, 2007.
  4. Abibatu Mogaji Millenium School: Debate, 1st Position, 1st, March, 2007



A register is taken twice a day and it closes at 8.15 and 2.30 respectively.


There is an act of worship every day for all the pupils in the School Hall except Wednesdays when collective worship for all the pupils and the staff holds.

School Uniforms

The school uniform is compulsory; we strongly advise that children attend school in this attire, wine and cream on Mondays. School uniforms can be bought from the school shop.


All staff members are involved in playground duty on a regular basis and a roster is available in the staff room.

Food and Drink

Children are allowed to bring food and nutritious drinks like Ribena etc. No fritzy drinks are allowed: Coke, Fanta etc. The food should be cut into small bites especially for the younger ones.

Closing Hours

The school ends every day at 1.00am. Parents are expected to pick up their children between 1.00pm and 3.00pm accordingly. We maintain a very strict security culture. It would be in every parent’s interest to inform the school authorities if persons other than themselves are to pick up their children. And these persons must come with a letter of undertaking and national I.D card Parents are expected to introduce such persons to the Head-Teacher, class teacher and the security guards. No written note will be accepted in place of this.

Visiting Hours

Parents or visitors can come into the school compound to visit the school authority between 7.00am to4.30pm. Only official matters are to be treated within these hours.

Birthday Celebrations

To maintain order and security, all birthdays for the week are celebrated collectively on Thursdays.

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