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posted on 26/9/2018



THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER           (10:30AM – 12:00PM)            PRIMARY WORKSHOP

Strategies for Success: Developing Independent Learners Through Collaborative Inquiry

This workshop is designed to motivate and inspire pupils by developing independent learning, team work and communication, critical thinking and creativity through a collaborative inquiry project.  Pupils will work in groups on a ‘problem-solving’ research project and will draw on their own knowledge from a range of topics that may include Geography, Social Studies, English, Civic Education, Science and Agricultural.  They will understand that problem-solving is a key leadership skill and will ‘future proof’ their learning.  Pupils will be provided with learning materials, resources, and access to ICT to develop and create their collaborative inquiry project.  The best teams will be asked to present their projects to the rest of the cohort.  All pupils will have the opportunity to showcase their work and display around the school.


THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER           (12:30 – 2PM)             SECONDARY WORKSHOP

Strategies for Success: Developing Creative Minds in Learning and Study Techniques

This workshop is designed to help students to understand how their minds work – are they ‘right-brain’ or ‘left-brain’ thinkers.  It will help them to identify what learning strategies will work best for them.  They will be taught how to read and collect information from a range of sources, extract the most important facts and learning points, and to develop a variety of methods to revise, review and learn, in preparation for examinations.  These creative and innovative study techniques will motivate and engage learners to study and learn in a more dynamic way.


FRIDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER                 (11AM – 12:30PM)                 MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP

Strategies for Improvement Workshop for Middle and Senior Leaders

This workshop will challenge school leaders to consider the strengths of the school and the areas that need to be developed.  The outcome of the session will be to begin to develop a school improvement plan around the areas of Achievement and Progress; Quality of Teaching and Learning; Behaviour and Welfare; Leadership and Management and Boarding.  This will be used as a tool for further development of all school leaders.


FRIDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER                 (3PM – 5PM)              PARENT FORUM

Presentation 1: Understanding Right-Brain and Left-Brain Thinking for Enhancing Learner Outcomes

This presentation will help parents to understand their child’s thinking processes and understand the link between learning and how their brains function.  The presenter will also share with parents common learning challenges that some children have and strategies for supporting learners at home.

Presentation 2: Taking the Hassle out of Homework: How to support your child at home

This presentation will help parents to lessen the stress of making children do their homework by teaching them responsibility and goal setting and learn ways to encourage and challenge their children to become more self-motivated, therefore improving learner outcomes.  The presenter will also suggest ways to develop their children’s critical thinking and problem-solving through simple questioning and discussions.


SATURDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER           (10AM – 3PM)                        TEACHER TRAINING

Session 1 – Introduction to Special Educational Needs (10am – 12pm)

Session 2 – Developing Collaborative Practices & Critical Thinking for enhanced Learner Outcomes (12:30 – 2:30pm)




Carol Barlow, is a seasoned international education professional with over 30 years industry and education experience.  Her passion for education is tangible to all who meet her, and her commitment to improving outcomes for young people, especially, remains at the heart of everything she does. Carol is mother to her adult son, James; but mother and mentor to so many others.

As the managing director of CEBAR Consultancy and Training Services Limited, she has travelled extensively, from the UK to Africa and beyond.  Her passion for Africa has its roots in her ancestry, and she epitomises all that is noble in the African woman. Carol is adventurous, compassionate and dedicated to helping young Africans connect with their destinies by utilizing their innate talents for kingdom glory. If you are looking for Carol, you would most likely find her in the company of teachers, school managers and education consultants; helping them reflect and improve on their practice. Carol is a teacher’s teacher, a manager’s manager, and a consultant’s consultant!

God has given her a passion and vision for transformational change in Africa and the futures of our children.



Laura Alabi is a committed Early Intervention Specialist, teacher and trainer with over eighteen years experience working in the area of Special Educational Needs in Ireland.  She received Bachelor of Science in Education and Training (Honors) from Dublin City University, with emphasis on Teaching Methodology, Psychology and Evaluation. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Diploma in Special Needs Education from Froebel College of Education, Dublin.  Masters in Special and Additional Needs from the University of East London. She is a certified Cambridge Programme Leader, she facilitate the Cambridge International Certificate /Diploma in Teaching and Learning.

 A kind-hearted and empathetic professional, she ensures flexible, accommodating individual programme for every child. She provides therapy to children who are at risk of academic failure, especially those who may be diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, ADD, Cerebral Palsy and need intensive support. She has acquired a wealth of knowledge on the use of Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH), Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) interventions for autistic children. She is currently working as an educational consultant and serve as a director in schools in Abuja. She facilitate the CACHE programme for teachers. She has set up several ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Units in Ireland and Abuja.

In addition to direct service, Laura facilitates trainings and workshops for educational staff and parents focusing on Behavioral Intervention, design of highly motivating Individual Education Plans (IEPs), program development, classroom modification, adaptation and observation.