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posted on 3/7/2018



We, the staff, students and pupils of Lagooz Schools jointly thank Almighty God for granting us a successful end of the session, 2017/2018. We also thank our parents/guardians for their unflinching support and cooperation which assisted us immensely during the various activities that characterized this session.


The method of payment of school fees remains the same for primary and secondary sections. Payment is expected on or before resumption date, all things being equal. We pray that God will enlarge your financial coast for this purpose. We appreciate all of you for your quick response to payment of tuition and other fees. School fees assist us in logistics before the beginning of a new term.


In the event of a delay in the payment of school fee on or before the resumption date ,  such parents are expected to visit the school in person ( phone calls not accepted) to see any of the school heads to negotiaite a realistic date which should not be later than 2 weeks after resumption date.

The school frowns at situations where children are sent home before parents who have not paid their children’s school fee will come up with reasons why school fee has not been paid several weeks after resumption .We plead with parents who indulge in such to make neccessary amends as the school does not like a situation where children are sent home for non payment of school fee since the security , punctuality and concentration of our students are paramount to us. 

In addition, parents are expected to notify the School Secretary by making available evidence of payment of school fee such as tellers, alert notifications, and any other evidence at their disposal for confirmation so that the secretary can issue receipts immediately for such payments.

Furthermore, the school will not accept a situation where bounced cheques are presented for payment of school fee just as the school witnessed in the past . Payment of school fees can be through any of the following  channels

1        Bank Draft

2        Cash Deposits at the bank

3        Bank Transfers

4        Standing Order


Kindly note, every payment must be fully written in a student’s name as a depositor  for proper identification. Abbreviations of names are not accepted.

For Yearly payments, the school encourages such and where that is done on or before resumption, parents will enjoy a discount of 10% on tuition as this helps the school to plan and execute effectively the process of teaching and learning and students are also better off with this arrangement



We once more remind you of Lagooz ultra-modern School hostels for boys and girls respectively, and advise that it is a necessary legacy you should allow your child enjoy while in school. The Boarding is for upper primary and  secondary. Lagooz hostel is properly organized to the level of a home away from home. The fee is affordable, and you can contact the principal for negotiation on this.

The Lagooz hostel is borne out of the need to address the busy nature of today’s parents whose tight schedules have made it impossible for them to attend to the acedemic needs of their children after school. This has made them vulnerable to peer pressure whose influence has led to social vices such as drug abuse, cultism, sexual immorality among others. This has also led to situations where some children usually fail to turn in their ticket out/ home work as and when due because such students have not been known to be studious at home but have chosen to spend time watching TV , pornography,or abusing the use of  phones, inappropriate use social media and keeping late night on internet.

Lagooz Hostel has been designed to find solutions to the busy nature of today’s parents and bring the best out of students through

i     Proper supervision of academic activities of the students by the resident hostel masters and matrons including Lagooz teachers and management staff who are always placed on duty there before and after school weekly

ii    24 hours CCTV to monitor the activities of the children and ensure adequate security.

Iii   Increased level of academic concentration for students

Iv   Increased level of self responsibility for students which is a necessary ingredient for future growth of students


The Boarding at Lagooz Hostel removes the pressure which is usually faced by students who follow school buses or private or commercial vehicles as a result of heavy traffic congestation which has made some students leave home by 5:30am only to return home late by 6pm. This usually makes such students exhausted and as a result, they devote less time for academics.


Alternatively, weekly hostel facility is also available where students resume to hostel on Sunday evening and leave hostel on Friday evening on a weekly basis.



As an academic tradition, summer holiday coaching/fun is organized annually for Lagooz students/pupils. It is a period where students are taken off full academic work and made to undergo skill acquisition programmes like ICT, Arts and Crafts, Music etc together with Co- curricular activities. The Summer Holiday coaching will also feature academic subjects especially English Language, Mathematics and is for primary and secondary school pupils.

The payment is as follow:

        i.            Secondary School …………….. N8,000

      ii.            Primary School …………………..N7,000

    iii.            Nursery School   …………………N6,000

Payment can be made on, before or during the summer coaching period.


The Summer holiday coaching will begin on 30th July, 2018, and end on 24th August, 2018. It will include field trip.


Camping is also available in the hostel at N40,000 (Forty Thousand Naira Only) for the duration of 

summer coaching. For our ICT programme, it is a daily activity for each student to have access to

a computer

For further information on any issue , contact the following ;

1        Principal –        08023852010   ( Senior Secondary School)

2        Mrs Saseyi –     08036997773   (School Counselor)

3        Mrs Odukoya-  08035240842   ( Junior Secondary School)

4        Mrs Adeoti -     08024700055   ( Primary School)

5        Mrs Adeyinka-  08028819501-  ( Nursery School)

6        Mrs Dedeigbo- 08034403800     (School Secretary)

7        Mrs Tayo Adeniran- 08032284950(School Secretary)

8        Mrs Beloise  -    08062714964     (School Secretary)

9        Accountant-      08029141036



You are all aware of lagooz Xsential an architectural edifice which houses Lagooz C.B.T with about 300 computer systems and an open events hall, all fully air conditioned. It has an aesthetic touch and what else can make the interior of a building attractive.



It has been observed that some parents seem too busy to partake in discussions that will improve the academic standard of their children. For this reason, such parents do not attend P.T.A meetings. Too bad! It has therefore become obligatory for all parents to be part of the decision-making process regarding the academic improvement of their children. So, whenever there is PTA meeting, ensure that you are present to represent your child who is either in Nursery/Primary or Secondary School here in Lagooz. During the last General PTA Meetings, it was resolved that:

1.      Attendance to PTA meetings is compulsory for all Parents/guardians.

2.      Parents  should supervise their children`s response to school projects and assignments

3.      Parents should ensure that their children speak right using good grammar when they are at home.



In this area also, our secondary and primary school students/pupils have performed excellently, especially in written competitions and even sports. The academic competitions were mainly in Science and Mathematics. Lagooz students and pupils have actually participated in the following external competitions:

1.      Lagooz State Schools’ debate. In this competition, our student Miss Olanipekun Teniola and Miss Sunday Theresa qualified in all the different rounds.

2.      Mathematics challenge competition in which Miss Otubela Princess and Miss Sunday Theresa passed In 2nd  and 3rd positions respectively

3.      Cowbell pedia –Runner-up

4.      I.C.T competition- 1st Runner-up position won by Pelumi Osundiya with colour printer presented to the school as prize

5        Victory Land InterSchool Relay – 3rd Position

6        Combi Worm competition

7        Nasco Corn flakes  competition

8        M A N OLYMPIAD Mathematics

It is evident from the above performances that Lagooz students (college) and primary school pupils are constantly presented for external competitions, and they have always performed



                                                  LAGOOZ SCHOOLS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME

The Management, Staff and PTA of the school wish to appreciate some parents who have been supporting the Lagooz Schools Scholarship Scheme through their financial donations to ensure that the orphans and indigent students continue to enjoy quality education in Lagooz Schools. We pray that the Almighty God will continually bless these parents while we reach out to other parents who wish to donate towards the scholarship programme to contact Mrs Adigun on 08076744734 or Mr Ige on 08034085533. May God bless you as you make the decision to help humanity.


                                                            PURCHASE OF TEXT BOOKS

We wish to advise parents to purchase the recommended textbooks of their children from the school as from the month of August when the school bookshop will be stocked with textbooks.This advice stems from our past experience which reveals that the month of September is  usually faced with scarcity of textbooks in the market . This is due to the fact that publishers usually print on request these days to avoid piracy and as such they restrict the number they print for the bookshops.




The essence of holiday projects for students is to keep them in tune with their academics while they enjoy their holiday.So, we wish to implore parents to ensure that their children complete their holiday projects before resumption date as we expect them to submit these projects on the first day of resumption. Defaulters are always denied access to the school compound.



The resumption date for first term 2018/2019 is as follow:

        I.            Hostel Students ……..9th September, 2018

      II.            General Resumption …10th  September, 2018




 Lagooz schools as an academic institution operates an open door policy for parents/ guardians and intending customers. Therefore, we cherish complaints and pieces of advice. Such complaints and advice should be directed to the following through texts or phone calls for necessary action;

1        Principal –        08023852010 – Senior Secondary School

2        Mrs Odukoya-  08035240842-  Junior Secondary Schools

3        Mrs Adeoti -     08024700055 -  Primary School

4        Mrs Adeyinka-  08028819501-   Nursery School


Alternatively, such complaints or advice should be directed to the school’s email addresses below;

lagoozcollege@lagooz.com, lagoozcollege@yahoo.com


 Furthermore, Open day programme of the school also affords parents the opportunity to meet with the management , teachers for discussion on their observations, complaints since this period is dedicated mainly for such.


However, if these complaints are unresolved, contact the following on SMS only;

1        The Proprietor- 08033205357                        2.  The Principal – 08023852010


Furthermore, you can contact the proprietor’s P A on 08034085533 for appointment to see the proprietor in person.

Finally, if the issue still remains unresolved after going through the above stages, then contact the PTA executives through

1        The Chairperson, Mrs Salami,  08025752130 (Chairperson Primary)

2        Prince T Oyekan-  08024453203,08030694764 ( Chairman College)


 Note that no complaint should be brought to the floor of the PTA general meeting without first exhausting the processes mentioned above.



1    Tuesdays-:  10am-4pm                 2    Wednesdays: 10am-4pm       3.    Thursdays:  10am-4pm


You can meet the proprietor in person on the above days and time. However, appointments are to be secured ahead of time through the proprietor’s P.A on 08034085533.



1.         Parents who are not yet on Lagooz WhatsApp Parents Group should text “ADD TO WHATSAPP Name/Phone No.” to Mr Obinna on 08060583060 – SMS only.

2.         Parents who do not receive sms from Lagooz Schools should text “ADD TO SMS PHONE NO, CHILD’S NAME AND CLASSto Mr Obinna on 08060583060 – SMS only.

Once more, I thank you all for believing in our ability to give your children quality education and good moral upbringing.    Remain Blessed.




Chief/Mrs. E.O. Otubela