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posted on 22/9/2014



The meeting started at exactly 10.36am with opening prayers from a Muslim and a Christians. After the introduction of the officers to the table, the principal welcomed parents saying that the meeting was to discuss how to combat the deadly Ebola virus.  According to her, the last victims in Lagos State had been discharged.  She said that by the end of the meeting, every person will have been educated on Ebola Virus, especially when it is clear that the virus will die while cooking at 600 C pointing out the EVD cannot enslave us neither would it overpower us.  She cautioned that hands should be washed clean as a panacea to EVD.  She told parents to disabuse their minds of all the threats associated with EVD because even the Minister of Health has made it clear that EVD is not as deadly as we had envisaged.


At this addressed juncture, the Proprietor, Chief A.F Otubela addressed parents directing them to all the measures put in place by Lagooz to combat EVD.  He referred to the last meeting held here on Ebola pointing out that everything suggested had been put in  place.  He appreciated Dr Bello and another doctor who made meaningful contributions and suggestions during the last meeting.


He pointed out that in Nigeria, there are medical expert who would combat EVD.  He emphasized that Ebola is not as killing as it is paraded by media houses.  To support his assertion, he narrated a story about death which his mentor told him, and how the people in an imaginary community fought death itself.


Thereafter, he said that this meeting will shed light on how to eradicate fear in this regard because fear itself can kill. Drawing his reference from Sawyer, he said that it was error in handling that led to the death of Sawyer and some medical personnel affected.  Again, He informed the gathering that if bush meat is properly boiled at high temperature EVD will be killed.


He also said that only 16 people had been confirmed infected in both Lagos and Port –Harcourt out of which 9 survived it. The rest of the people associated with EVD were only suspects and not victims.  He added that if infected persons are properly managed and the symptoms checked, EVD will be a forgotten issue.


Besides, he added that survivors of EVD are now selling their blood for use in the preparation of Ebola Vaccine.  Parents were informed that if a child is seriously sick, he would certainly not come to school.  Apart from this, the proprietor announced that Lagooz has about 10 infrared thermometers that would dictate EVD.  By this, once a temperature is up to or above 38.50C, a child, teacher, visitor will not be allowed into school.


Again, teachers in Lagooz Schools have been trained on how to handle EVD cases which would involve taking the child to the Recovery Room (Sick Bay) from where the school hospital would be contacted to take the child away.


Making reference to the Lagos state Governor; Lagos State is free of EVD. He announced this yesterday during a Jumat Service in Lagos.  The proprietor at this point introduced Lagooz Ebola Kits, taking the items one by one (cleanser, mouth cover, overall that cover head to toe, polythene material to cover the face, goggle).  However, he said these things would be used when there is a serious infection. He also showed hand gloves, blankets, among others.  These thing, he pointed out are disposable.  Security operatives have also been employed to monitor the hand washing exercise.  The security outfit is A.V. Securitas


The proprietor pointed out that he has 15 people from his nuclear and extended families here.  So, he needs Ebola protection more than any other person.  He said WHO has earmarked millions of naira to combat Ebola.  At this juncture, he referred them to the various literatures given to each parent this day concerning Ebola Virus Risk Assessment and Management.  The names and phone numbers of teachers in charge of emergency cases. 


According to him the Lagooz Schools have Beta Hospital and Motolani Hospital as our  hospitals.  The school gave parents/guardians the following literature on Ebola

v     Ebola Virus Risk Assessment and management Plan

v     Questionnaire

v     Let’s Wash Our Hands! The Eight Steps

He announced and emphasized that henceforth every parent, student, teacher, visitor must wash hands at the gate before entering the school premises.  He said that this must be done under running water.  Hand washing is very important because we do many things and touch many things with our hands.  It has been discovered that washing with ordinary soap kill Ebola Virus, so he advised everyone to cultivate the habit of washing hands.


The parents/guardians were allowed to demonstrate the eight steps involved in hand washing and they did it perfectly well.  He requested parents/guardians to study the various booklets given them, fill the questionnaire and return them on Monday, 22nd September, 2014.  They can also make their comments and suggestions through SMS.


Apart from Ebola, the proprietor frowned at the inability of parents to submit the projects of their children.  He also enjoined them to submit this on Monday.  Parent were also asked to purchase textbooks without which the child might not be allowed into the school on resumption.


Dr Bello and Dr. oluwakuyide were introduced to the high table to answer some professional questions from parents/guardians


Finally, he announced that PTA election committee be inaugurated to elect PTA officers. Members of committee must be parents.




v     Mrs Olubanke

v     Mrs. Ogunleye

v     Dr. Bello

v     Dr.  Oluwakuyide

v     Mrs.  Adeoti

v     Mr. Lawal

v     Ozo Chris Nfiaji


The committee members were sworn in by the Proprietor.  They were given October ending to conclude their arrangements for election in November. Successful members will be sworn in during our end-of-year celebration.


The Proprietor announced that if a parent introduces a parent whose child is not in this school into the school hostel, the person who introduced such a person will be entitled to N20.000.00 (Twenty thousand naira only) cash reward.



v     Mrs Soyinka :  -    She complained about school toilets. She said she paid for maths                                                      and English plus three other books but they have not been

                                     supplied. Suggested kits should be demonstrated to avoid fear.

v     Mrs Adewunmi : -  She does not understand why science cannot do economics and

                                     T.D and suggests their inclusion.



v     Mrs Balogun  :   -  Complained about Unified Exam written last time, she discovered

                                    that quantitative and verbal reasoning were not taken, and advised it

                                    should be included.

v     Mrs. Ogunleye : -  Spoke on toilet management


v     Mr. Nwakunor : -  Asked if school fees should be paid now or not because of Ebola


v     Mrs Ogunlade : -   Complained about population in class of Basic 1



On communication, the Proprietor said Lagooz has enough communication mechanism but it might be that parents do not receive circulars and other written material sent to them.  On diction, the parent should bring the child’s notebook for verification


On fellowship, Lagooz holds fellowship on Fridays.  Commenting on class population, he said that Lagooz will look into it within what it is capable of doing.  What we have less than 25 in the primary and less than 30 in nursery.  Something will be done.  On the use of toilet, the school will verify that and proffer solutions.


Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning is taught as with the new federal curriculum, and the questions were fused into English and maths in that Unified Exam.

The man who complained that his children were not home till eight o’clock in the evening was told that the vehicle covering his children got spoilt and another vehicle was assigned to go and convey the children but there was also a terrible hold up on Lagos roads that day.

On wash-hand basin, the plumber is working on that but he promised that it would be ready before the reopening date.

Textbooks and their supplies were delayed because of Ebola but the proprietor informed parents that supplies of books would be done before the end of the day.



A representative of A.V. Securitas located at 30, Wemco Road; Ogba said their international headquarters is in Manchester.   He applauded Lagooz for their roles and trace the history and operations of the security outfit.  He differentiated their outfit from others, and how they function





3RD    -    MR.  GODWIN JOHN



CLOSING PRAYER: from the proprietor Chief A.F Otubela


ADJOURNMENT:   1. 02 pm