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posted on 10/7/2014


The meeting started at 3.21pm with short prayers from a Christian. This was closely followed by the recitation of the school anthem and national anthem. Mrs Balogun directed the singing of the national anthem while Miss Fashanu directed that of the school. Then, members of the high table were introduced just at the time the proprietor arrived. In the principal’s keynote address which followed, she expressed her appreciation to the parents/ guardians present. She informed them that the meeting was organized to plan for the success of the JSS2 and SS2 Students who would be graduating to JSS3 and SS3 classes which are terminal classes in Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School next session. She emphasized that only a good plan, started early enough, that would chart a successful course for the students in the two external examination classes. Once more, she thanked them.

At this juncture, the proprietor, Chief A.F. Otubela, addressed parents/guardians on the issue at hand. First he informed them:

(i) That SS3 Concluded their external examination (NECO) that day’

(ii) That come next week this 2013/2014 session would come to an end.

(iii) That graduation will come up on Saturday 12th July, 2014.

After  expressing his delight at the response of the parents/ guardians, he added that primary Six and some other classes in primary and secondary schools would be collecting both federal and state curricular which would prepare the pupils adequately for the academic work of next session, 2014/ 2015. The curriculum according to him would include that of Unified Examination. He asked parents/ guardian to inspect these materials including past questions for the various examinations and ensure that the child would have enough study time to read or practise what is contained in the scheme. Therefore, to complement teachers’ job, parents/ guardians should plan a  study time ( time schedule) for the children to follow at home ‘He also added that should there be challenges as to time, he advised parents to look for responsible teachers who would direct and teach the children at home, following the new curriculum. He stressed that these measures are  important to enable the child excel in external examinations using JAMB as an example where the examination is so competitive that success becomes almost impossible.


            The proprietor gave a clear idea of what academic excellence is, pointing out that success now depends on really being a genius. He enjoined parents to take children to places where they would have moderate fun, and there counsel them. Parents, according to him, should assist their children. The JSS3 students would face four examinations:

-          Lagos State Basic Examination

-          NECO Basic Certificate Examination

-          Unified (Mock) Examination

-          Placement Examination


For SS3, they have minimum of four examinations and a maximum of eight, for example

-          WAEC

-          NECO

-          Unified JAMB

-          Post UTME


            Apart from this four, there are those that can give them admission abroad in UK, Canada, Ukraine, USA. If a child performs excellently in any of the examinations, the child might be entitled to full scholarship, that is for higher grades. For Muslims, such admissions abound in Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Such oversea examinations are SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, and thousands are competing for these examinations. So, preparation should start early.

            He lamented the ugly effect of social media (TV, internet, phone etc) on the children. These things distract students’ attention and should be curtailed if not completely checked by parents. It affects their academic performance. If, however, it would be necessary to use internet at all, it should be during this holiday and under strict supervision by parents. According to him television and internet can be good, can also be dangerous to children. For these terminal examinations, he maintained that television should not be the ultimate. They should concentrate more on their academic work. He also cautioned that any group study that is suspicious and negative, should be checked among students. In fact, parents should check unwholesome association and study group. So, every effort should be geared towards curbing that.

            Again, he advised parents to check the rate at which children use phone. This is because it would distract their attention, especially answering phone calls, sending text messages, pinging, among others. Children should be checked and this attitude curbed.

            Besides, the Proprietor pointed out that some extended family ties can distract children, especially when it involves wedding, birthday parties and similar ceremonies. What should matter to them is their studies, he said.

            Finally, he instructed parents to be good friends to their children, listening to them, coming down to their level, encouraging them, talking to them and allowing them talk to you. What they would derive is attention. Learn what they known and be interested in what they know. Also, know your child’s mentor among the teachers and encourage him or her. He asked parents to get closer to their children and encourage them to buy all recommended textbooks for next session from Lagooz bookshop or elsewhere. He told them about summer coaching which will concentrate more on English Language and Mathematics including other subjects which will be practicals mainly on ICT, baking, Food and Nutrition, etc.

            The Proprietor informed parents that the school has upgraded the hostel facilities to a superlative level. Meanwhile, the project is right now actively in progress up to 91% completion status. He pointed out that old bill will be charged to students who would resume with the school in September while in October the new price would be introduced. Four students would occupy one room, and if a parent introduces another child into the hostel, he would be entitled to 10% of the hostel fee of the child introduced. He, however, advised that those children in the terminal classes be paid for and brought into the school hostel.

            As an addition, parents were asked to pay their school fee/examination fee on or before resumption. Those who would pay before resumption will be entitled to 5% discount.

            The second term and third term school fees would be paid together before resumption in the second term. However, if a parent would want to spread the payment over a period of time, such a person can come to the school and negotiate on how and when to pay the fees, and ensure that he would not fail to respond to such dates.

            The Proprietor showed parents the C.D containing JAMB past questions for ten years, and said it would be of immense help to the students. He also said that the customized C.D for SSCE would be made available to Lagooz Schools soon.



            A parent wanted to know the venue and time for Valedictory Service, and was told the venue would be Lagooz Schools hall at 10am. A mother expressed concern over NECO when a child takes SSCE and GCE. She asked if NECO could be made optional.

            The Proprietor said JSS3 would write NECO like SSCE. He explained that due the competitive nature of JAMB and university admission, it becomes necessary to do everything possible to ensure success. According to them, grades of performance in subjects are taken into consideration in university admissions, especially now that English Language and Mathematics are compulsory and must be passed at very good grades. Therefore, according to him, these things were considered before asking students to take all the examinations to make them fully equipped with whatever grades are required by whichever university department. Again, the uncertainty of the release of a result is another problem. There is no way to determine whether a result would be released.

            The Proprietor promised that the discourse of that day would be made available to parents on Lagooz website while the students would bring it the next day. He then released the following contact numbers:

            Proprietor No:             08033205357

            Principal:                     08023852010

            Secretary (college):     07045226282

            Secretary (primary):    07045236283


The closing prayer was from a Moslem.

The parents were informed that the next day 10th July, 2014 would be Christian/Moslem prayers simultaneously for graduating students at different venues.