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posted on 14/5/2014



            The meeting commenced with an opening prayer from a Christian mother, Mrs Olubanke and a Moslem mother, Mrs Lawal . This was immediately followed with the introduction of members of the chair by Mr Lawal .

            Mrs Mbalu, the Vice  Principal(Administration) led the recitation of both the National and School Anthems.

            Thereafter, the Principal, Chief / Mrs E.O, Otubela in her maiden speech appreciated the Parents for responding to the invitation and made it abundantly clear that the meeting would concentrate on how to ensure success in the newly-introduced Unified Examination, asking them to contribute actively when the Proprietor would be throwing more light on the said examination, what it involves and what parents and teachers are supposed to do in order to motivate the children so as to achieve success

            Chief  A.F. Otubela, the Proprietor, then addressed the audience adding that it was not only important for students to pass the Unified Examination but it also involved making the children think critically. He informed parents that their role in this regard would be vital.

            He then spoke about the National Curriculum which contains all the topics to be covered in a year according to the category and class of the children. He also pointed that Lagos State Scheme of work is derived from the Federal Curriculum. Continuing, he mentioned external examinations such as WAEC, NECO and JAMB , each of which has a Syllabus . He mentioned the importance of past questions in revising questions . According to him, there is also a booklet on Basic Education past questions. The primary school pupils and secondary school students are taught in order to ensure success .

            In addition, he mentioned international examinations starting from British Curriculum, TOEF, SAT and all their schemes operated in Lagooz to enable them be versatile and possess the ability to succeed in both internal, external, international examinations.

Therefore, parents should be able to understand the performance objectives of each topic so as to engage in accurate appraisal or evaluation of what the children are taught.

By this Knowledge, parents would be able to find out what is taught in the school.

The essence of this meeting is to enable parents identify which topic is properly concluded. The students would be able to identify the learning objectives and follow them up to ensure success. Parents and students must know this, and it would be easy for parents to form questions on their own and test their children from time to time.

            He encouraged parents/ guardians to download the performance objectives, have time to read with the students and motivate them to participate actively in reading at home.

            The Proprietor said out that this measure would be important in order to help assess the children from the Junior Classes, especially from primary 3. To this end, he said that at the end of the session, an external body would be employed to test the children to determine the efficiency of the teachers,

            On parents obligation towards the Unified Examination, he said that students would be exposed to objective test but that parents have a big role to play in making it possible for the children to read at home. They should assist the students during the reading process at home.

            He promised that Lagooz Unified Scheme would be sent to them two weeks from then, but added that they should visit Lagooz website for it. He enjoined parents to carve out a study corner where the children can read at least for two hours per day. He pleaded with them to discourage the engagement of these children in watching televisions, listening to radio and browsing on the internet pointing out that these things would make them to lose concentration Parents, according to him, should bear the responsibility for making the children do their assignment, go to bed and wake up on time and check the children’s exercise books to ascertain the degree of their response to teaching.

            In Lagooz Scheme, he reiterated that parents and external bodies would be opportuned to pre-test. the children in order to determine their level of understanding . Where the parents are too busy, he suggested they should engage the services of a teacher or a professional to conduct this pre-test. He emphasized the point that children should be encouraged to read at home although they might be allowed to play intermittently. On Saturday lesson, he pointed out that all teachers would come to school to revise with the students and give finishing touches to their academic work from 9a.m to 1p.m because it is expedient to cover the curriculum. This would involve children from grade 3,4,5, then SS1 and SS2. By this programme, he said, SS2 Scheme would be covered so that  from January next year, they would be revising their SSCE Scheme.Again, SS2 would be registered for GCE from now to expose them to SSCE coming up next year.

         Also, he informed parents/guardians of the need to conduct election for officers who would pilot the affairs of P.T.A. He said that interested candidates should indicate interest and start campaigning.

            Moreover, he informed parents/guardians that a new school uniform would be introduced in the first term of 2014/2015 session beginning in September. Also, Lagooz Sports Festival would come up next year and parents would participate and have customized sports uniform. He also told parents /guardians whose children use school bus that they would pay a token to cover fuelling. The Saturday lesson would cost N2,000 (Two thousand naira) only.


            Mr Nwakunor wanted to know whether the N2,000 would be per family or per parent. There was a question from Mrs Braimoh on uniform.

            On Transport, a parent asked whether the transport would be for only those already using the bus or for everyone interested on TOEFL, SAT, British Curriculum, someone asked about the current price

            On cost of transportation, the proprietor said he did not attach any amount to it then, but that the N2,000 (two thousand naira) would be the cost of the Saturday lesson while those who would use school bus would pay extra.

            There was a question on the benefits of Unified Examination. Mrs Okebalama referred to past PTA where the proprietor mentioned the inclusion of trades but regretted that only photography had been introduced and wondered why the rest had been lingering. She pleaded that a seminar be  conducted and the issue of the use of gadgets be properly addressed to the students.

            Another parent asked why the proprietor pleaded for payment since it would be a forum for covering what the teachers did not accomplish.

            Mrs Otejeh wanted to know whether students should be completely disallowed from the use of internet since the teachers often referred the students to the internet for answers.

            The proprietor promised that the minutes would be on the internet by the next day morning. Then on punctuality the following parents would be rewarded as usual:

1.                  Mrs Olubanke

2.                  Mrs Badmus

3.                  Mrs Braimoh Bilikis


            On lesson fee and cost of transportation the N2,000 is for Saturday lesson while the amount for transportation would be announced to children.

            On school uniform, the proprietor said it would be for every child, and that the quality would be superior. The proprietor said that the new school uniform would have the end of 2013/2014 session as deadline.

            On transportation, payment would be according to distance and residence.

            The Nelson handwriting, he said, might be difficult at the beginning but with consistency, the situation would improve. He then called for cooperation.


            The SAT, TOEFL, British curriculum are for students who would study in Uk, USA only while those for Ukraine would require SSCE.

            On uniform, the old uniform would not be sold as from September 2014, that is, next session.

            The proprietor said that children (girls) would have time to learn house chores preparatory for motherhood in future but in the meantime, this programme is for this term.

            On skill acquisition, the proprietor pointed out that learning skills/trade would take a gradual process. He also informed parents that during the long vacation, students were  taught skill acquisition.

            A child, however, could use internet but they should not be the major pre-occupation of the children. There should be time for reading, house chores, use of internet but more time should be allocated to studying.

            The proprietor stated clearly that the school had not failed but that the Saturday lesson would make it possible for teachers to assist students revise every topic they had been taught as contained in all syllabi since on their own, it would be a herculean task for the children to revise and explain certain things.

            The proprietor answered the questions as shown above but pleaded with parents who had complaints to visit the school and discuss their observations with the principal, Head teacher, Vice Principal or the Proprietor. The proprietor said the closing prayer .

            The meeting came to an end at 6.10pm.