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posted on 7/5/2014

 31st of March, 2014


All Parents/Guardians




Consequent upon recurrent mass failure of students usually recorded in external examination bodies such as WAEC, JAMB, NECO etc National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Lagos (NAPPS) came up with an idea of a unified examination for member schools in Lagos State. For instance, the statistics from WAEC results of students in 2012/2013 showed that 80% of students who sat for the examinations failed English and Mathematics. Also in JAMB examinations, the figure also showed that only 10 students scored above 300 marks while 801,804 scored below200 marks. The same story of recorded mass failure also goes for NECO results. These unfortunate results prompted the association to come out with an idea that can arrest the ugly trend hence justification for a Unified Examination which has the potential to achieve the following:


A.       CURBING OF MASS FAILURE IN FINAL EXAMINATION: NAPPS unified examination has the ability to curb mass failure by exposing the students to rudiments of sitting for unified, final and external  examination organized by independent body long before their final examinations. In this way, students would have gained the mastery of sitting for final and external examinations such as WAEC, JAMB and NECO.


B.          QUALITY CONTROL ASSURANCE: NAPPS Unified examination ensures that quality control is guaranteed, in the sense that, unified examination removes over reliance on teacher’s assessment alone. It also guides against biasedness, favouritism and mediocrity.


C.          COMPLETENESS OF NATIONAL CURRICULUM: NAPPS Unified examination ensures that teachers complete their scheme of work on time since the students will be made to face  external examinations.


D.         ASSESSMENT OF TEACHERS: NAPPS unified examination can be used  as a measure of performance of teachers, even schools since results can be benchmarked.

In view of the above, I write to inform you of the compulsory NAPPS UNIFIED EXAMINATION for all private schools in Lagos State. All students from Primary one to SS3 will be included subsequently. However, for pilot study this year, those eligible for this examination are students in:

                i.              Grade 3 – 6

                ii.             Junior Secondary 1 and 2

                iii.            Senior Secondary 1 and 2

The unified examination has the sole aim of preparing, testing and getting the pupils and students used to the pattern of the examination they would face during their year of graduation from the primary and secondary schools.

The registration commences on 5th May 2014 and closes on the 23rd May, 2014. However, immediate registration is also acceptable. The date for the unified examination is Saturday June 21st, 2014. Certificates will be issued to all students at the end of the examination.


Thanks for your cooperation.


Yours faithfully,