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posted on 8/8/2011

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            A parent, Mr Ekpa, said the opening prayer. This was immediately followed by the singing of the National anthem and the School anthem, led by Mrs Mbalu.



            The Principal Mrs E.O Otubela, in her welcome address appreciated parents and guardians for responding to the invitation in order to share with the management and staff views on how to make the JSSCE and SSCE a success in the year 2012. She thanked them immensely for seeing this as a crucial occasion.



            The Proprietor, began by expressing his satisfaction with parents and guardians for their response to a meeting that would discuss the cardinal external examinations, JSSCE and SSCE, of their children in the year 2012. Continuing, he pointed out that it was expedient to start the preparations now to avoid a fire brigade approach.

            In his analysis, he pointed out that SS3 would write three examinations between April and July, 2012 (JAMB, SSCE, and NECO). Parents were told that before these examinations, there would be aptitude test , stressing that JSSCE and SSCE are vital in a child’s academic pursuit. He however, wished that the  students come out with flying colours. Before going into the main issues, he asked parent and guardians to get ready with writing materials because the meeting would take binding decisions. He went ahead  to read a written speech entitled “THE TASK AHEAD AND SOLUTIONS” which contains the following subhead:

1.       Registration for JSSCE/SSCE.

2.      Provision of Textbooks.

3.      Saturday preparatory class (9am-2pm).

4.      School fee Defaulters.

5.      UTME (JAMB) FORM.

6.      Domestic Chores.

7.      Fasting and Prayer.

He emphasized the need for parents to purchase textbooks, past questions and dictionary for their children.

            On Saturday preparatory class, he cautioned that any student in JSS3/SS3 who absents himself twice with or without permission would be dealt with including their parent and guardians.

            He emphasized that school fees should be paid on or before resumption day, 12th September,2011. He enjoined them to start paying instalmentally or weekly until then because it would make teaching and learning smooth. Therefore, he mandated parents to see the need to pay their school  fees  because it would encourage the school. He also told parents that payment of school fees for second term and third terms would be made on or before resumption in second term (9th January,2012).

            While discussing JAMB(UTME) registration he said registration had started and that special lectures  cost N29,950(Twenty nine thousand, nine hundred and fifty naira) while ordinary form costs N8,500 (Eight thousand, five hundred naira). He gave a complete analysis of JAMB admission nowadays saying that the JAMB score of 200 might not  secure one admission hence special lectures are necessary. This according to him, is because JAMB syllabus contains some ‘A’ level topics. Therefore, any child hoping to secure admission to universities must receive special lectures. He went ahead to illustrate with past NECO and JAMB results which were woeful throughout the nation. In contrast, he pointed out that Lagooz College has never recorded more than 5% failure. He concluded with optimism on the expected 2011 SSCE result.

            He pleaded with parents to minimize domestic chores, watching of television and social activities by the JSS3 and SSCE students. These things, if taken to extremes, might distract the students’ attentions. It may also introduce them to dangerous lifestyles especially as parents are not always at home to check what the children do and the type of company they keep. Before one knows it, a child will have joined a bad gang. Parents should understand that immorality is assuming an alarming proportion especially as students are no longer caned as was the case in the olden days. Children these day are becoming extremely discourteous and even with the use of internet, children go into scanning and fraud. He told parents that there are many things that distract children. So, it is incumbent on parents and teachers to check our children against the irrelevances of life. He made it  clear that no child is created to fail but if they are not given proper attention, they may derail. He announced that school transport will be available during the holiday coaching. Similarly, he said that hostel facilities would be provided. He asked parents to see the secretaries for negotiations  on the above issues. He stressed that the school would expect the students to be addicted to their books. Again, he asked parents to allow children bring their friends home so that they (parents) would select friends for them.

            However, for any problem or solutions to any improper behaviour from your child call me on:

i.          08032205357

ii.         Info@lagooz.com

iii.       Yomiotubela@lagooz.com


            Or the Principal at:

i.          08023852010

ii.         Olivetotubela@lagooz.com


            Or our website:


He stressed the need for proper parenting of the children in the following areas:

i.                    neatness and proper dressing.

ii.                 Writing of assignment.

iii.               Provision of school fee


On neatness and proper dressing, any child who appears shabby and unkempt in appearance, the child’s name will be published on the school notice board as a dirty child.

            Then on payment of fees, failure to pay a child’s fee will compel the school to publih such a parent’s name on our school notice board.

            He concluded by telling parents that there would be fasting and prayer for students in JSS3 and SS3 from 14th – 16th September, 2011 and close between 3:35pm- 4pm on each of the days.










Mrs Bamigboye Bunmi appreciated the school but observed that some of the textbooks are not even used and pleaded that the school should do well to indicate the special or particular books that students would buy. On school fees she pleaded with the school to be lenient on the payment of fees.

            She observed, too, that some teachers do not use the textbooks recommended. On Saturday lessons, she pointed out that the lessons are not seriously handled during SSCE and JSSCE periods. She posited that parents should not be blamed  if a teacher fails to mark students notes back to write the notes. She was not happy that some teachers do not mark the holiday projects. Also, she encouraged teachers, parents and children to shun all internal or external examination malpractices during internal or external examinations. She observed that she had seen most of our students sagging, especially those in the senior secondary school . She suggested that security men should not allow an improperly  dressed student in or out of the school.

Mrs Dirisu thanked the school for caring for the students. She pleaded that she should be allowed to pay registration on resumption and later pay the fees, she supported the idea of publishing defaulters’ name.

            Mr Ekpa Fredrick thanked the school for their efforts and said everything said touched him especially in finance. He appealed  to the management to look into the area of finance  and say whether the school fees should be paid first or the registration. On dressing, he opined that students should be checked at the assembly ground and during school period. Commenting on publication of names, he said it would make no impact and therefore opposed it because every parent owing would certainly pay. He wished the school kept to its name and high academic standard.

            Mr Adewunmi Kayode commented on examination malpractice because it affects them in higher institution. He pointed out that there is a belief that private schools abet examination malpractice. He said that such a practice should be discouraged.

            Mrs Salami asked if the students would be allowed to bring Laptop to school. Again, she suggested that the current school sports uniform should be changed. She also said that the school bus brings her children late and that should be checked.

            Mrs Bello, commented on inability of teachers to give answers to students.

            Mr Aborede thanked the school but said that at times phone calls are not answered and regretted that examination malpractice is all over the country.

            Mrs Bola Oyekan commented on differences in school fees. Also, she said examination scripts should be included in the result.

            Alhaji Lawal wanted to know why he was asked to pay about  N103,000 while others were paying N85,000.



                                                RESPONSE FROM THE PROPREITOR.

He expressed satisfaction with some parents who were punctual and rewarded them with gifts. They came before or at 9a.m prompt when the meeting started. The first three people are :

i.                    Mr Ekpa

ii.                 Mr Oloyede

iii.               Mr Iyope


The Proprietor  said that eradication of examination malpractice and saging would start from parent/guardians.

            Other parents were also appreciated for coming early.

The children are supposed to buy all essential textbooks and they know the particular one they need. He said teachers do use textbooks and emphasized that textbooks should be bought because questions are set from all recommended textbooks especially in the terminal classes to prepare the students adequately. He however, advised that for a start, the “Essentials” should first be bought. If any teacher does not use textbook, inform the school authorities. On school fees, he said he would accept negotiations on school fees  but not listen to phone calls for school fees. According to him, it would be embarrassing that a child had not paid. Negotiations for instalmental payment would be accepted. Marking notes written and piled up may not allow a teacher achieve continuity. Some parents, from past records would promise and not pay on the stipulated date. He told parents to negotiate properly with the school and live up to the terms of the negotiation otherwise the school would be left with no option but to send such a student away.

            On not attending to students during Saturday lesson, the Proprietor told parents that the lessons take place first and second terms but during third term, no Saturday Lesson takes place and no fees are paid. On not marking projects, the proprietor while stating that no person is perfect also enjoined parents to complain about such observations to him.

            He said that Lagooz Schools shun examination malpractice and check it right from internal examinations by mixing junior and senior students, to ensure that they do not copy one another. We also ensure that students resit subjects they failed. On examination scripts, we observed that students did not take cripts home to parents. So, he advised desiring parents to come to the school for collection of such scripts which they should also return to school. He regretted that parents do not sign parent’s column  in the result booklet and do not encourage their children to bring the booklet back to school.

            On co-curricular activities, the proprietor said that students had participated in such things pointing out such things as going to NYSC camp for sports. Then on the one suggested, the school will look into it.

            He withdrew from publishing parents name for defaulting on payment but would do so if students appear dirty. All the same this would take place after several steps had been taken to curb it. Sagging will be checked although some of them are so addicted to it that even when they leave the school premises, they still sag. Also, we do not permit students to use  GSM phone but it is embarrassing to observe that some parents still support their children to carry phone to school.

            Mr Ekpa commented on finance but the proprietor  said that JAMB registration in Lagooz is not compulsory but that registration for SSCE, NECO is mandatory and parents should start now to gather resources together.

            If your school fee in SS3 is less than  N100,000, it means the child joined us long ago but those who pay more than N100,000 are those who joined recently. This is what accounts for the difference in payment.

            On the issue of Laptop, parents are encouraged to get Laptop or desktop at home but because they did not take care of them in school, we asked them to keep their laptops at home. The school has over 50 laptops for their use and students  take their objective questions on Laptop. On the dirty sportswear, the chool might have its interhouse sports next year. On school bus service, the Proprietor asked Mr Salami to see him after the meeting on this.

            On summer class fee, the Proprietor said that discount has been made available if the child brings another student according to the circular sent to all parents.

            Mr Bola Aborede moved a motion for adjournment and was supported by Mrs Deluola at 1:10p.m. The Proprietor said the closing prayer.