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posted on 21/5/2018

Students and Teachers from the Junior School and Senior School of the Lagooz College gathered at the Lagooz CBT Center at about 11:00am on Tuesday, 15th May 2018, to celebrate the World's International Families' day. The celebration commenced by an opening prayer. The prayer was offered by Mr. Omoyeni. After the opening prayer, the Master of Ceremony (Mrs. Akinde), invited Miss Iheanacho to lead the National Anthem, National Pledge and School's Anthem. With the Students and Staff standing, the National Anthem, National Pledge and School's Anthem were recited.

The program proper started with an opening address by Chief(Mrs) Otubela, the School's Principal. She addressed the audience on the importance of the family in the society. She emphasized that everyone should be interested in giving his or her family a good name in the society. She emphasized that everyone should be interested in giving his or her family a good name in the society, and also protect the image of the family. She stressed that the family is the most important unit of the society at large. A good family, she said, will translate into a good child, and that everyone will love to associate with children who are products of good families. She further highlighted the responsibilities that every member of a family must shoulder and the contributions that must be made by each member of the family to make a good home.

After the opening speech by the Principal, Mrs. Ngozi Nwabogwu gave a speech on the importance of the family to the society. She also addressed the issue of family reputation. She said, in her speech, that the reputation of every family must be protected by the members of that family. After the speech, the JSS2 students presented a drama titled "Family Reputation". Other presentations were: a song by JSS2 students, a dance show by JSS3 students and a dance show by the Senior School Students.

The closing remark of the celebration was given by the School's Counselor, Mrs. Saseyi. She asked the students on the importance of the celebration of the families' day, the role of the Parents in the family, and the role of the children in the family. Students gave responses to her questions. She then emphasized the need for every child to ensure to behave in such a way to portray and promote the good image of the family he or she represents. The celebration was brought to a close by prayer. The closing prayer was offered by Mr.Jamal.

The students were then gently ordered back to their various schools for their continuation of academic activities for the day.