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posted on 28/4/2022



As a parent, I pledge to play my role in ensuring that my child adheres strictly to the rules and regulations as stipulated by the management of the Lagooz Schools below; 

1. *USE OF PHONES*:   In as much as the management of the Lagooz Schools is aware of the fact that we are in the era where the use of technological devices has become imperative to advance the course of mankind, the management reiterates the ban on the use of phones for both the boarding and day students. 

We wish to emphasise that the dangers the use of phone portend for students/pupils  far outweigh its advantages. Therefore, the use of phones by students within the school premises, on excursions or during school programmes is still prohibited. 

In the light of this, we, however, encourage parents to always check the schoolbags of their children to ensure they adhere strictly to the policy of the school as any students/pupil found using phones will face sanctions from the school authority and also such phones will be confiscated for a period not less than a year.

However, if there is a need for parents to communicate with their children, there are phone lines that have been made available for such below.

Nursery section/ Head Teacher call

Primary section Asst. Head Teacher call

Junior SchooVice-Principalpal call

Senior School/Principal  call

Nursery/primary Front desk

Secondary front desk

Learning materials/ Uniforms

2. *Medical Neglect*: Lagooz Schools management enjoins parents to always check the health status of their children before sending them to the school. If a child is sick, such a child should be made to seek immediate medical attention in the hospital rather than the parents sending their sick children to the school believing that if a child plays with other children, it will improve the health condition of such a child.

However, if a child has already sought medical attention and is recovering, such a child can be allowed to attend classes provided the parents of the child carry the school along by informing the school authority about the recovering child. This is to ensure that special attention is given to such a child by the staff.

3. *Emotional Neglect*: Parents are advised to pay special attention to the emotional needs of their children. 

Children are usually emotionally affected when they are called out for lack of basic learning materials such as notebooks, textbooks, or nonpayment of school fees.

Therefore, parents are advised to provide all that will ensure that their children are emotionally stable to face their studies. For instance, we encourage parents who cannot meet the payment of their Children's school fees on the day stipulated by the management due to one challenge or another to schedule a meeting with the school management before the resumption of the school where they will communicate how they intend to reschedule payments of their Children's school fees and sign documents to back their payments plan rather than wait to allow the school authority to call out such children for nonpayment of school fees. 

4. *Collaboration of Parents with the school management*

We encourage effective collaboration of parents with the school authority as part of measures to protect learners against emotional distress and safeguard their rights. 

To this end, the school management will be calling for a meeting from time to time in respect of the children found to be withdrawn, isolated or experiencing a decline in academic performance or showing signs of depression. 

Also, if parents notice any of the signs stated, they should not hesitate to call the attention of the school authority for a meeting on the issue noticed. 

In the same vein, the school authority will also not hesitate to quickly notify parents of children showing signs of depression, withdrawal, declining academic performance etc for a meeting to deploy an appropriate intervention strategy to help the challenge of the identified learners.

5. *Our Children's friends and friendship* : Children,  just like all humans are social beings so keeping friends is normal but we must encourage our  children to keep friends who can impact them positively. Friends with good values and moral .Parents should  teach their children skills and values that will determine the type of friends that they keep.We should know our children's friend and their  family . 

Likewise parents should monitor the activities their children and their friends indulge in when they visit. Set rules, limits and boundaries for our children. 

We are in an era where  effective communication is vital.  Talk with your children not just talking to them. Let your children be free to confide in you. 

 Parents should device a way to monitor their children’s movement.  Better still give them enough task that can keep them busy always. Our children will not be a tool for the devil to use.

5.  *Exposure of Children to TV and Online Content*: We encourage parents to activate a restriction on the TV and online contents that their children are exposed to. This is to prevent them from accessing adult sites that could affect their thoughts. Parents are enjoined to educate their children on the dangers of watching contents that involve kissing, petting etc 

Parents need to know that the more the children are exposed to these adult contents, the more the thoughts of it overtake their minds and they may want to try out what they have watched.

Similarly, parents should not hand over their phones for their children to use for class assignments without them around to monitor the sites they open.

We appreciate the support and encouragement from our esteemed parents in collaborating with the school to mould our learners in the right way. We pray that Almighty God shall crown our efforts with success as the school management is determined to leave no stone unturned in raising both academically and morally sound children.

Thank you.

The Principal
For: Lagooz Schools Management